Knitwear Patterns

Plain Knit Fabric Pattern

Lace Patterns 

These delicate lace patterns are suitable for single-layer, single-tone neck warmers and scarves. 

Uqaujaq / Leaf Lace Fabric Pattern
Kakivak / fish spear lace fabric pattern
Uummat / Heart Lace Fabric Pattern
aqhaliat/northern lights lace knitwear pattern

Textured Fabric Patterns

These knit patterns feature textured designs on both sides of the fabric. The extra yarn required to produce them means a weightier, even squishier texture.

Colourwork Patterns

The following two-tone patterns are suitable for toques, headbands, and other single- or double-layer knits. Because of the knitting technique and extra yarn required, colourwork patterns create thicker, squishier fabrics than plain knit or lace options.
Nungulaaq / candy knit fabric pattern

The following patterns are best suited to double-layer knits, like headbands and neck warmers (due to the longer yarn floats on the reverse side of the fabric).
tagjaaq / wave knit fabric pattern