Qiviut Inc. Fibre Mill



Welcome to our mill!

Experience the warmth and softness of the world's most luxurious fibre...

expertly crafted at our small, 100% Inuit-owned, family-run mill in Nisku, Alberta!

Tanis Simpson hold qiviut yarn coming off of the spinning machine at her fibre mill.


At Qiviut Inc., we guarantee the purity and quality of our qiviut fibre.

Our fibre is carefully sourced from wild NWT muskoxen courtesy of Inuit harvesters in our home communities, who are continuing our local, traditional food systems.

At our small mill, we comb out our qiviut by hand in order to preserve the full staple length and quality of this rare fibre, and all of our products are made right here in Canada.

  • pure qiviut fibre

  • exceptional warmth

  • luxurious yarns

  • heirloom knits

  • Inuit-made jewelry

pure qiviut fibre

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luxurious yarns

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Inuit-made jewelry

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Every skein blend and colour offered is beautiful beyond the well-presented photos. 100% warm, soft, and evenly spun with heart and soul.


The Nuna Heat is the best purchase I have made. If you have cold hands in the winter, this is the best solution! Just stuff it in your mitts and your hands will be toasty warm for ages! I use it every where I go in the winter and I highly recommend it!


Edmonton got to -19°C while I was there. I was excited to have this to keep me warm. Not only that but it is so beautiful! I love the Arctic Lakes colour!