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**Thank you for the support! Our next batch of Nuna Heat hand warmers is in production and will be ready for shipping soon. Follow along on our social media accounts to see how we make them!**

Nuna Heat Hand Warmers: 100% qiviut fibre, reusable and natural.

Approximately 4 grams per package.  Enough for both hands or feet! 

To use: simply pull apart the fibre into two equal portions, place in each mitt or boot, and feel the warmth emanate almost magically from the fibre. The more packs of Nuna Heat you use, the warmer you are!

Nuna Heat is 100% qiviut fibre, which is the luxurious undercoat of the muskox. Inuit communities, who have lived alongside the muskoxen for thousands of years, still collect this precious natural fibre. They use it to line their mitts and shoes, helping them to feel comfortable in the coldest climates in the world.

'Nuna' is the word used in Inuit languages for earth, or land.

Unlike most commercial hand-warming technologies, Nuna Heat is sustainable, fully biodegradable, and reusable! For occasional cleaning, hand wash in cool water, and lay flat to dry.

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