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Bambi Amos is Inuvialuk, originally from Sachs Harbour, NWT, and now living in Inuvik. Having first learned to sew in a class sponsored by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Bambi began selling her work in 2012 and today is well known for her beautifully made mitts and other accessories. She particularly enjoys working with sealskin and embroidery.

Inuvialuit artist Bambi Amos

"I usually work by myself, but I also really love to work alongside my mom. She helps me out a lot. Being Inuvialuk is definitely my biggest inspiration. I feel that strong connection to my culture when I’m sewing. This is definitely a passion of mine and I have the constant urge to create something. I love that it’s a really grounding practice that brings me back to my roots as an Inuvialuk woman." (as quoted in NWT Arts)

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